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Crazy Straw


Drinking through a crazy straw can help to improve many functions: interhemispheric integration, binocular functions (eye teaming), light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, articulation, bowel and bladder control, tongue and lip control for articulation, facial muscle tone for nonverbal communication, and more.


You will need a crazy straw—one of those plastic straws with lots of curls or twists and a small diameter—and a clear drink. The twists and turns of the crazy straw create more resistance in sucking, so people whose ears are very sensitive, should use a regular straw instead of a crazy straw, because one must suck so much harder through a crazy straw that it might be painful. Water is the recommended beverage, since water is essential to healthy brain and body functions. Also, it is easiest to clean a crazy straw if it is used only for water.


Hold the straw in the center of your mouth, and sip and swallow, allowing a rhythmic pattern to develop if you can. You will benefit more from doing this with your eyes closed unless your eyes tend to over-converge. If you have a tendency for, or a history of, crossed eyes, be sure that you look at a distant object while drinking.



Be sure to rinse out the straw well after each drink, so harmful bacteria do not build up in the loops.

If you are pregnant, do not engage in this intense sucking, as it may stimulate contractions.

If you have glaucoma, please do not attempt any intense sucking, as this may increase the pressure within your eyes.

Additional Benefits

When you examine the importance of sucking in human development, it is truly profound. Not only do we suck for nourishment, but also in sucking we do many other amazing things: