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Face Tapping


This activity awakens, organizes, integrates and relaxes the trigeminal nerve, one of the twelve pairs of Cranial Nerves. This may produce many benefits, among them the alleviation of headaches, integration of facial and general tactile sensations, reduction of TMJ pain, support of speech production, relief of facial tics and paralysis, increase in facial muscle tone for expression of affect, and frequently gives rise to a sense of calmness. It also helps to open the sinuses, increase circulation to gum tissue, support vision and hearing, and support energy channels.


You will need just your hands or the hands of a helper, and possibly a mirror.


Face Tapping Diagram

1) From the temple along the eyebrows, to the midpoint between the eyebrows, up to the hairline and return by the same path to the temple.

2) From the temple down across the top of the cheekbone to the bridge of the nose and back to the temple.

3) From the temple down along the bottom edge of the cheekbone, along the upper gum line (the “moustache area”) and in to meet just below the nose. Then return to the temple, tapping.

4) From the temple downward to the rearmost corner of the lower jaw then forward on the gum line of the lower jaw to meet tapping hands in the space between the lower lip and the chin. Return, tapping, to the temple.

5) From the temple around behind the ears, where the eye-glass arms would rest on the bone, very close to but not touching the ear. Return, tapping, to the temple. This last pathway is not on the trigeminal nerve proper, but rather enhances hearing via bone conduction.


If you tap your own face, you may be helped by doing it in front of a mirror.

If someone helps you, your practitioner may help you find a comfortable position for this activity.
Tap on the route through a cool cloth placed over the face if you find the face tapping uncomfortable even after reducing the intensity of the tap.

If you have long fingernails, you can use the knuckles of your first two fingers to tap with instead of fingernails.

If you cannot tap comfortably, try rolling a HANDLE massage ball or a room temperature tangerine on the “route” of the tapping.

If you have a severe sinus condition, reduce the intensity of the tapping, but do try to tap, as it may help to promote sinus drainage.

If you are sensitive to smell and a helper is implementing Face Tapping for you, make sure that s/he is not wearing highly scented hand lotion or sleeves that are scented by fabric softener, smoke, or any other scent you find offensive.