Have you or your child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? If so then you’re probably struggling with simple things that come easily to others such as learning, reading, organizing personal belongings or sitting still. As a result of these difficulties many people are labeled “disruptive” and have low self-esteem even though they may be very intelligent. It’s so challenging to watch an otherwise bright person struggle because they are perpetually distracted and can’t meet others’ expectations.

The HANDLE Perspective

The HANDLE view is different. No one has an attention deficit. Everyone is always attending to something. Everyone has what HANDLE calls “attentional priorities”- things that draw their attention more than others. HANDLE providers discover why an individual is distracted and is unable to attend to things like reading, instructions, etc.

HANDLE Approach

HANDLE programs can be effective in addressing ADD/ADHD. In children and adults alike, the brain responds to the HANDLE activities by becoming more organized and less stressed. Once the individual is less stressed they have energy to attend to tasks that were previously not preferred, such as sitting still, reading, writing, listening, multi-tasking and more.

Results You Might See

  • Ability to sustain attention
  • Increased ability to be still
  • More ease with transitions
  • Decreased stress
  • Decreased irritability
  • Easier multi-tasking and information processing

“Here is what we have noticed in our son, after two weeks of his HANDLE program. He has a much greater level of everyday cooperation and ability to multitask after being asked only once. He has mentioned that he can 'listen better in school.' Little things we’ve always tried to teach him like saying 'please' and 'thank you’ and not interrupting… he is finally unconsciously doing them! We are so pleased with the results so far.”

~ Terry V.

To learn more about how to address ADD/ADHD at its root contact a HANDLE provider. Take the first step today!