The aging process can be accompanied by changes in how we move, hear, see, and think. As an older person begins to experience insecurity due to balance problems, and reduced vision and hearing, anxiety may increase. The brain’s energy is spent on ensuring safety first. A person may choose to restrict movement activities to ensure they don’t feel insecure or fall.  Choosing to restrict activity may lead to more issues with movement and the senses.

The HANDLE Perspective

HANDLE recognizes the concept of neuroplasticity- that the brain and nervous system are in a constant state of adaptation to environmental stimuli throughout the lifespan.  Employing gentle daily routines that enhance the senses and motor function can address balance issues, cognitive abilities and more.  HANDLE programs may produce significant results that increase the quality of life for a growing number of older adults.

HANDLE Approach

HANDLE programs are implemented in homes and care situations, taking about 20 to 30 minutes a day. Using gentle activities designed to prevent stress to the nervous system and body, HANDLE programs can address issues commonly found among older adults.  Each individual is different, with different needs and challenges, so each HANDLE program is tailored to the needs of just one person. The first step towards improvement is to talk to a local HANDLE Provider. We have trained representatives across the US and around the world.

Results You Might See

  • Improved perception of position in space (Including balance)

  • Decreased risk for falls

  • More responsive/reliable muscle tone

  • More stamina/energy

  • More reliable memory, name-recall and less word-finding problems

  • Improved digestion, decreased constipation