Below are some case studies submitted by certified HANDLE                                 Practitioners, demonstrating outcomes achieved through the                             implementation of individualized HANDLE Programs.

Child with Down Syndrome by Susan Haverty PDF (188kb)

Athletic and Academic Improvements with Boys High School Track Team by Diane Boyer PDF  (113 kb)

Cerebral Palsy by Bonnie Hayes PDF (152 kb)

 Stroke in 88-year-old Female by Catherine Stingley PDF (337 kb)

ADD and Autism by Peg Simon PDF (152 kb)

Bilateral Hearing Loss by Marlene Suliteanu PDF (152 kb)

ADHD by The HANDLE Institute PDF  (84kb)

Learning Challenges and Anxiety by The HANDLE Institute PDF (126 kb)

Birth Trauma by The HANDLE Institute PDF (143 kb)

Tourette Syndrome by The HANDLE Institute PDF (149 kb)

Asperger’s Syndrome and Hyperactivity by The HANDLE Institute PDF (94 kb)

Perplexing Behaviors and Tourette Syndrome by The HANDLE Institute PDF ( 87kb)