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How to Support Clients with Dyspraxia

  • 20 Jun 2022
  • 8:00 AM (EDT)
  • 24 Jul 2022
  • 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • This is an online course. Time TBD, 2 hour sessions 2/wk
Course Description

How to Support Clients with Dyspraxia

A certification course for HANDLE® providers


This course is for you if:

·        You would like to develop your skills in working with clients who are diagnosed with or believe they have dyspraxia 


·        You might like to explore providing paid HANDLE services through Oxford Specialist Tutors’

Whatever your current level of HANDLE certification, upon successful completion of the course:

·        You will deepen your understanding of what the label of “dyspraxia” means to parents and clients

·        You will gain understanding of the relationship between the label of dyspraxia, the affected systems and their implications for learning challenges and education

·        You will gain insights into how to guide parents and clients to understand how HANDLE can help and how to engage them in HANDLE programs

In addition, upon successful completion of the course, Screeners and Interns will be certified to use the HANDLE Activities covered in the course immediately in their work, without supervision.

(For general background on what dyspraxia is, see this article: Dyspraxia – What it is, challenges, how to overcome it.)


The minimum requirement for attending this course is HANDLE Screener certification.


The motivation for developing this program came from Margo Fourman, HANDLE Intern and Founder of Oxford Specialist Tutors. 

Currently, Oxford Specialist Tutors has more demand for HANDLE services than it has HANDLE providers who can serve its clients.

Most of Oxford Specialist Tutors’ clients ‘have dyspraxia’, and so Oxford Specialist Tutors has an urgent need for more providers who can serve these clients.

NOTE: We use the phrase ‘have dyspraxia’ as a shorthand to refer to the collective group of people who:

  • Have been officially diagnosed with dyspraxia
  • Whose parents/caretakers believe they have dyspraxia (with no official diagnosis)
  • Who they themselves believe they have dyspraxia (with no official diagnosis)
‘Have dyspraxia’ is just a shorthand for that group of people that we use to make referring to them as a group easier.

Upon successful completion of the course, if you are interested in working with Oxford Specialist Tutors, they will likely be able to provide you with paid client work. (More on that below.)

The course has been designed by Dror Schneider and Margo Fourman and is approved by the Education Circle.

Course Outline

The course will be delivered online via Zoom.

The course will be composed of nine sessions. Each session will be two hours long.

Session 1

  • The professional and public understanding of the label of dyspraxia

  • An overview of the common educational and life challenges that people who ‘have dyspraxia’ experience

  • The relationship of the HANDLE approach to the label of dyspraxia 

  • Additional HANDLE Activities:

    • Angels in the Snow

    • Ball Back Roll

Session 2

  • Additional HANDLE Activities:

    • Peacemaker Massage

    • Joint Tapping

Session 3

  • Sunrise Sunset variations

  • Specific considerations about changes in state for people who ‘have dyspraxia’

  • More background on the label of dyspraxia

    • Dyspraxia definitions

    • How to relate to the label of dyspraxia from the HANDLE perspective

    • More about the life experiences of people who ‘have dyspraxia’

Session 4

A deep dive into how the educational and life challenges of people who ‘have dyspraxia’ relate to the HANDLE approach, affected systems, and HANDLE Activities:

  • Gross motor control

  • Fine motor control

  • Social interactions

Session 5

Continuing the deep dive into how the educational and life challenges of people who ‘have dyspraxia’ relate to the HANDLE approach, affected systems, and HANDLE Activities:

  • Working memory

  • Processing speed

  • Homework, classwork and life

  • Math

  • Language

Session 6

  • More on the kinds of dyspraxia

  • The common, special thinking styles of people who ‘have dyspraxia’:

    • Cloud thinking (benefits and challenges)

    • Communication

  • Supporting people who ‘have dyspraxia’ through their developmental journey:

    • How to talk to parents and clients in a way that matches their thinking styles and beliefs

    • Supporting emotional wellbeing

    • Interim coping strategies that will support clients as they progress through their HANDLE program

Session 7

  • When to consult and refer

  • Activity Analysis (certification)

    • Angels in the Snow

    • Ball Back Roll

Session 8

  • Activity Analysis (certification)

    • Peacemaker Massage

    • Joint Tapping

Session 9

  • Review and deepening of key topics taught previously

  • Key learnings and insights

  • Brief overview of the opportunity to work with Oxford Specialist Tutors’ clients


Certification for Screeners and Interns

The course fee includes all the steps required to receive the certification for this course.

You will not have to find your own clients to complete the course and get certified.

There will be two parts to the certification process:

  1. Activity Analysis
  2. Oral Exam

    Activity Analysis

    The Activity Analysis for each of the new Activities taught in the course will be included in the course sessions. The Activity Analysis will be competency-based. Once you have completed the Activity Analysis to the satisfaction of Dror Schneider, you will be certified by The HANDLE Institute® to use these four activities.

    Oral Exam

    We will schedule individual meetings with participants after the course for the oral exams. We will schedule these for 50-minute sessions, but they may take less time than that. The oral exam will be competency-based.

    Certification for Practitioners

    Certification for Practitioners is entirely optional.

    The certification process will be conducted by an oral exam in an individual meeting of 50 minutes after completion of the course. The oral exam will be competency based. 

    The fee for Practitioner certification for this course is US $99.


    Session times: 

    7 PM - 9PM UK Time

    2 PM - 4 PM US Eastern Time

    For timezone converter, click here.

    Session Dates:

    Session 1: Wednesday, June 22
    Session 2: Thursday, June 23
    Session 3: Wednesday, June 29
    Session 4: Thursday, June 30
    Session 5: Wednesday, July 6
    Session 6: Thursday, July 7
    Session 7: Wednesday, July 13
    Session 8: Thursday, July 14
    Session 9: Wednesday, July 20

    We will record all the course sessions and make them available to participants for one month after completion of the course.


    Screeners & Interns: 

    US $299

    We prefer payment at the time of registration, but we can arrange for payments over time if you need to in order to fit your budget.

    The fee of $299 includes the entire nine sessions and the certification process.

    Click here to pay $299 and register.

    If you need to arrange for payment over time, please email Mark Fourman, mark@oxfordspecialisttutors.com, to make arrangements.


    Free to audit (attend the course without certification)

    $99 for certification (optional)

    Click here to pay $99 for the certification exam and register.

    To register without paying in advance for certification, please email Mark Fourman, mark@oxfordspecialisttutors.com.

    As we are offering this free to Practitioners, there are two caveats:

    1. Subject to availability (we’ll give priority to paying students)

    2. We may ask you to facilitate breakout sessions during the course

    Working with Oxford Specialist Tutors

    Oxford Specialist Tutors has a growing business providing specialist tutoring and HANDLE services to clients.

    Most of our clients are in the UK and Ireland, and some are in the USA.

    We provide all of our services online via Zoom.

    We currently have more demand for HANDLE services than we can fulfill, and our client demand continues to grow.

    It turns out that most of our clients ‘have dyspraxia’. This is partly by design, as Margo has particular interest and expertise in dyspraxia, and is also the result of what we have found to work most effectively when marketing our services.

    Thus we have a need for more HANDLE providers who are qualified to work with clients who ‘have dyspraxia’ and are interested in working with us.

    When we work with providers, we do all the preliminary footwork of finding and onboarding clients. We do the scheduling, provide a Google account for you, and take care of the billing. So we take care of the business and you can focus on what you love - client delivery.

    In our process for onboarding a new client, we gather all their intake information before assigning them to a provider. Margo reviews their intake information to determine what kind of services they need. Once she has done that, she determines the best-matched HANDLE provider for the client, and asks the provider if they would like to take the client.

    Thus, you’ll only be offered clients who match your current skill-level, certification level and interests.

    Our goal is that for many of our clients who ‘have dyspraxia’, this course will provide you with the skills and certification you need to work with appropriate clients without supervision.

    Your relationship with Oxford Specialist Tutors would be working as an independent contractor, so you can choose how many of our clients you would like to take on each month.

    Once you have successfully completed the course, we would be happy to explore the possibility of your working with Oxford Specialist Tutors.

    For more information: contact  Mark Fourman, mark@oxfordspecialisttutors.com

    Costs and Registration
    Please contact Mark Fourman, mark@oxfordspecialisttutors.com
    Screener certification

    Margo Fourman, margo@oxfordspecialisttutors.com, and Dror Schneider, dror@handlebythebay.com